Product Range

ENH Energy Trading supplies a full range of energy commodities to refiners, petrochemical producers and end users around the globe. We work with our partners and counterparties to identify and develop solutions.

We can offer:
· Spot / mid-term / long-term contracts
· Regional swaps / time swaps / quality swaps
· Pre-export financing
· Cross-commodity solutions


LNG is Liquefied Natural Gas. Natural gas is a fast-growing segment of the global energy mix and the production of LNG has enabled natural gas to be shipped over long distances, creating an international market.

Mozambique holds some of the world’s largest proven natural gas reserves. These are being developed, at large scale, to supply the domestic market, the African continent, and the rest of the world.


LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is mainly composed of propane and butane, both which are versatile commodities, providing heating for households, fuel for cooking and feedstock for petrochemical production. Additionally it can be used for power generation.


Condensate is a form of light crude oil, which when refined, produces transportation fuels and other light products used in the petrochemical industry.